Beverly Hills Bankruptcy Advice

Beverly Hills Bankruptcy Advice
Video Interview

Who would expect Beverly Hills bankruptcy advice at a street corner on Rodeo Drive?  In this video interview, a bankruptcy lawyer offers straight talk about bankruptcy. He offers bankruptcy without any shame, just truth. What bankruptcy does. How bankruptcy works. Who is eligible to file bankruptcy.


Los Angeles bankruptcy advice doesn’t get more classy than this. We are talking about your bankruptcy rights while standing on a street corner of Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California. The TV interviewer candidly talks about his own personal bankruptcy case. This interview also covers what you keep and what you lose in a bankruptcy case; why does bankruptcy have a stigma? Who files bankruptcy? What can bankruptcy do for you?

This is a 6 minute bankruptcy presentation packed with tons of advice and help. It’s Bankruptcy Bling in a Beverly Hills TV Interview. Learn your legal rights.

Leon Bayer is a lawyer in the Los Angeles bankruptcy office of Bayer, Wishman Leotta. He has practiced bankruptcy law in Los Angeles for 36 years. TV host Karel interviews Lawyer Leon in the heart of glamorous Beverly Hills, California. Could you find a better place to talk about going broke?

TV host Karel discusses his own personal bankruptcy case. He asks Leon for bankruptcy law advice you want to know for your own peace of mind.

Find out which debts are eliminated by bankruptcy. Can you keep your house if you file bankruptcy? Find out how bankruptcy can give you a fresh start. Would you like a financial makeover? What better place to plan your bankruptcy makeover than on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills?

Karel explains how he learned there is more to his life than money. Karel has filed personal bankruptcy and shares his own story. Bankruptcy was not a tragedy for Karel. It was the chance for a fresh start. He has no shame talking about his life and his bankruptcy. Stuff happens. He says if it happens to you, get it done and let your life move onward.