Bankruptcy case disaster. You need expert help.

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IF YOUR BANKRUPTCY CASE IS A DISASTERWhen you have a bankruptcy case disaster, you face financial wipeout.  It’s a fact that some bankruptcy cases are in trouble the moment they get filed.

Here are the most common reasons for having a bankruptcy case disaster:

  • You filed bankruptcy under the wrong Chapter.
  • Filing bankruptcy to solve problems that bankruptcy won’t fix.
  • Filing bankruptcy without knowing what to expect.

This is why we may be a good choice to help you overcome a bankruptcy case disaster:

We have been Los Angeles Bankruptcy lawyers since 1980. That adds up to a lot of highly specialized experience. We often get calls from folks who already filed a Bankruptcy case. sometimes they filed with a lawyer, sometimes they filed on their own without a lawyer. They tell us their case has become a bankruptcy case disaster.

You may be reading this because your own case has turned into a bankruptcy case disaster. If so, you are not alone. A lot of people are in the same boat. People often think their situation is hopeless. Don’t give up. It is often possible for another lawyer with more experience to turn around a failing case. We take over from other lawyers quite often.

If your bankruptcy case is a disaster, did it start out like this?

You went to an inexpensive lawyer or maybe a paralegal to prepare your case. The person you met with said everything looks fine. You went to your bankruptcy hearing. When your case was called you sat down in the chair.  You were expecting to be finished and out the door in 3 minutes. Everyone else’s case was fast and easy. After a routine start, the bankruptcy trustee suddenly says, he is going to take your house. The trustee also says it is too late for you to back out. 

You walk out of the room feeling two inches tall. The person who helped you told that you could keep your house. That person now says it’s too bad, but sometimes that happens.

 If your bankruptcy case is a disaster, you need expert help, fast.

At my Los Angeles Bankruptcy firm, we often take over messed up cases. There are always things that might be feasible to fix a botched up case. To begin with, we will give you a completely free bankruptcy case consultation. We will listen to you, read your paperwork, and look for alternatives that may help you.  Perhaps your case was filed under the wrong bankruptcy chapter. If so, we might be able to convert to case to what it should have been. Sometimes we can show the trustee that things are not what it seemed to the trustee. In some cases we may be able to negotiate a fair and reasonable settlement that leaves everyone satisfied.

bankruptcy case is a disasterYou want out of the nightmare? Call us. We will be helpful.

I promise.

For a free Los Angeles Bankruptcy consultation, call 800-477-3111.

Why us?
  • About 15,000 bankruptcy cases
  • Bankruptcy law since 1980
  • Board Certified specialists
  • Great references
  • Reasonable fees It is often possible for another lawyer with more experience to turn around a failing case.

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