Los Angeles Bankruptcy Lawyers Giving Free Advice

Los Angeles Bankruptcy LawyersLos Angeles bankruptcy lawyers Jeff Wishman, Leon Bayer and Marcus Tiggs are recognized experts. Together they practice as Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyers in the firm of Bayer, Wishman & Leotta. The firm was established in 1989. We are Certified Specialists in Bankruptcy Law by the State Bar of California.


Call us at 800-477-3111. ask for leon or jeff. WE’LL CHAT WITH YOU, AND SEE WHAT YOU NEED. THERE IS NO OBLIGATION TO HIRE US.

Our firm of bankruptcy lawyers has offices in Los Angeles, Encino and Long Beach, CA. We are glad to see you in the location that is most convenient for you.

Leon, Jeff, and Marcus will provide free advice to everyone who has a debt problem. There is no charge for a bankruptcy consultation. We will not recommend bankruptcy unless you need it. Our fees are very reasonable. The three of us have received numerous awards for free bankruptcy volunteer services provided to those in need.

We have written several books to help people with debt problems. You can find our FREE BANKRUPTCY BOOK on line at www.bestbankruptcybook.com.

People in need of bankruptcy advice are often nervous and embarrassed. That’s normal. But we hope you won’t feel that way when you talk to us. Our goal is to help you, and make you feel comfortable. Just the same as you might feel with an old friend who happens to also be a lawyer.

Los Angeles Bankruptcy Lawyers With No “Attitude”

We are not your typical lawyers. In the office we dress casual, and we like being on a “first name” basis with our clients.

Jeff Wishman and Leon Bayer have been practicing bankruptcy law since 1980. Marcus Tiggs has practiced bankruptcy law since 1989 and joined our firm in 2001. We are a small firm, just 3 lawyers. We keep it small and friendly.

read our client reviews. Our reviews are not censored. There are a few complainers. But our reviews are overwhelmingly positive. We are proud of our work and it shows in what our clients say about us.

Five Quick Points to see what this web site is going to get YOU:

  • This web site has hundreds of consumer articles written by specialists in bankruptcy law.
  • The articles are free, easy to read, and easy to understand.
    Everyone has valuable legal rights. But the laws don’t help much if you don’t know what they are.
  • You may lose valuable rights if you don’t exercise them timely.
  • You are not alone if you feel scared and worried about your debts. (That makes it easier for bill collectors to take what’s left of your money! )

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EXPERIENCE, AFFORDABILITY, AND EXPERTISE MAKE US THE RIGHT CHOICE TO HANDLE YOUR BANKRUPTCY. Consider us for handling your bankruptcy case in Los Angeles, Long Beach bankruptcy, San Fernando Valley bankruptcy, Inland Empire bankruptcy, Riverside bankruptcy, San Bernardino bankruptcy, Orange County bankruptcy, Ventura bankruptcy, Santa Barbara bankruptcy, Bay area bankruptcy.