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The Los Angeles BankruptcyBlogger is a free online library. This free public bankruptcy project has more than 200 Los Angeles bankruptcy articles.  The bankruptcy library is a project by  Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyers. The bankruptcy tips and advice are shared free by these Los Angeles lawyers. The lawyers behind this project are in the Los Angeles bankruptcy law firm of Bayer, Wishman & Leotta. The firm was founded in 1989. The firm is small, just 3 lawyers. But they they have a combined powerhouse of 92 years of collective experience. All of that experience comes from practicing bankruptcy law in Los Angeles and Southern California.

When our team recommends, “do this”, and “don’t do that” in your bankruptcy, you are getting the right advice.

The range of topics in this bankruptcy library is huge. People facing bankruptcy bankruptcy need to know many things. Foremost is the cost. We have articles explaining how much it costs to file bankruptcy in Los Angeles. We explain the differences in cost, for Chapter 7, Chapter 13, and Chapter 11. People also want to know how to find an honest lawyer. You already know there are good bankruptcy lawyers, and bad. You can avoid being ripped off by a bad bankruptcy lawyer. We give you the skills. And the knowledge you need.

The BankruptcyBlogger fills a big need for honest Los Angeles bankruptcy advice. Our library began with just one bankruptcy article. It has grown from there. There are now more than 200 free Los Angeles bankruptcy advice articles.

Free Bankruptcy Info. Los Angeles Lawyers with the right experience. The right attitude. Helpfulness. Practical advice.

Here are more examples of helpful bankruptcy topics. Are you hounded by bill collectors? We have several articles that will show you how to make a bill collector “shut up.” What about those “cease and desist” letters? We show you why they don’t work.  Are you already represented by one of the bad Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyers? We show you when it’s time to switch bankruptcy lawyers. Would you ever think that Chapter 13 bankruptcy could be your luckiest number? It probably is, if you are in foreclosure.

You have the tools you need. Here is free Los Angeles bankruptcy self help. Dig in, and get started. Learn about bankruptcy. You’ll find what you need to know.

Cheap Los Angeles Bankruptcy LawyersYou might have questions about what you read. If you have questions, call us. Honest. We really mean that. We will talk to you. We don’t mind. Whether you are already represented by any of the other Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyers. Or you plan to represent yourself in a bankruptcy case. Or just don’t know where to turn. After reading what interests you here, you might be ready to move on. When you want deeper explanations, try our Free Los Angeles Bankruptcy Guide. You can buy it on Amazon. Or read it free online. You probably like to read questions and answers? If so, we have just the thing to keep you interested. Try browsing ASK LEON on Nolo’s bankruptcy advice blog.




free bankruptcyWould you like even more in depth reading? Try these two books, published by Nolo. THE NEW BANKRUPTCY, by Stephen Elias and Leon Bayer.  Also, the FORECLOSURE SURVIVAL GUIDE, by Stephen Elias, updated by Leon Bayer and others.

One more thing. Just so you know, we provide free bankruptcy consultations. We have offices on Los Angeles, Long Beach and Encino, CA. If you want a free bankruptcy consultation, just call us. Toll free, 800-477-3111.


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