Local bankruptcy expert has self help book

Local bankruptcy expert

Local bankruptcy expert  Leon Bayer is co-author of a new self help bankruptcy book. The New Bankruptcy: Will It Work for You? [Paperback], Stephen Elias Attorney (Author), Leon Bayer (Author) published by NOLO. It is available through Amazon.com and from the NOLO bookstore. Leon is a partner in the Los Angeles bankruptcy law firm of Bayer, Wishman & Leotta. This book is easy to understand. You call even call the book author to ask your bankruptcy questions at 800-477-3111.

Local bankruptcy expert authors self help book. Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorney Explains the New Bankruptcy Law.

Los Angeles Bankruptcy AttorneyI am very excited about this book. The original author was Stephen Elias. The late Stephen Elias was a great master of this task. He knew how to explain complex laws in a simple way. Nolo asked me to help with the new, 5th edition. Stephen had just passed away. I wanted my own contributions to the 5th edition to stay faithful to Stephen. I have been a Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorney for 34 years. My law firm is Bayer, Wishman and Leotta. My law partner Jeffrey Wishman and I have developed a unique tradition. We offer free consultations to everyone. Over more than 3 decades, we have practiced our passion for helping people. NOLO has the same passion. Their motto is, “Law for All.” They have forged a great tradition. They make the law accessable to everyone. I have been thrilled to be involved with them. NOLO has sold more than 250,000 copies of bankruptcy books.

Do you have a bankruptcy question? Are you thinking about personal bankruptcy? Worried about it’s implications? Worried about your future if you do file? You can reach out to us. We know how to help you. – LEON

Local bankruptcy expert shares 34 years of experience practicing law in Los Angeles, California.

Who needs this book? You do, if you are having debt worries. A complicated law is peeled away. We do it layer by layer. We explain it in simple language. It was written so that everyone can understand. Written by a local bankruptcy expert who understands the realities of what you are facing.