Pastoral bankruptcy counseling helps people with debt problems.

How does bankruptcy work when you are married

Pastoral bankruptcy counseling


Pastoral bankruptcy counseling can bring comfort to many people who don’t know where to find help. Pastoral bankruptcy counseling is easier when you know a few simple facts about personal bankruptcy. Solving money woes is not outside the scope of what pastoral counselors can do. A pastor does not need to be a legal expert to provide valuable debt help. Most people with serious debt trouble have feelings of shame and loneliness. Parishioners with money trouble are no different than anyone else. They may feel isolated. They might not know where to turn.

A sense of embarrisment all too often prevents people who need help from seeking it. Simple knowledge about bankruptcy relief is good to have in your pastoral medicine bag. When people approach you about their debt problems, it is good to let them know that most people with a serious debt problem will be eligible for bankruptcy relief. Bankruptcy provides a fresh start. Bankruptcy is not a punishment, it is a consumer legal remedy. Pastoral bankruptcy counseling helps people with debt problems.

Pastoral bankruptcy counseling helps people know they are not alone, and that experts have solutions. 

Here are the essentials for Pastoral bankruptcy counseling.

The United States of America has a bankruptcy law. The easiest way to explain to someone who needs to know, “How does bankruptcy work?” is like this. The bankruptcy law allows people to be released from most kinds of debts. The requirements are simple. It’s really just common sense. The court has to be convinced of two things.

  • That the debts were made under honest, good faith circumstances.
  • That the person really can’t afford to pay any of it back in the foreseeable future.

You now understand what is called Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Wasn’t that easy?

But what if a person has more difficult problems? There are some debts that don’t get handled by Chapter 7. One example of that are delinquent mortgage payments. Others are: Foreclosure. Tax debts.  People who have assets worth more than what the law allows them to keep.

For those kind of debt problems, bankruptcy reorganization comes in handy. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy reorganization may be right for individuals with debt problems that won’t be helped by Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy works on debt problems like penicillin works on bacteria. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a potent debt relief formula. It may provide a way to stop foreclosure. Stop car repossession. You can take up to 5 years to repay delinquent house payments. Also taxes, and other debts. Are there serious credit card debts? Chapter 13 bankruptcy will stop the interest.

You now understand Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

You can read more in detail, if you’d like. Go here, to the Bankruptcy Guide.

The next thing for a person with debt trouble is to see a bankruptcy expert. Most bankruptcy lawyers will provide people with a free consultation. Many bankruptcy lawyers have achieved the recognition of being certified bankruptcy specialists. A certified bankruptcy specialist has achieved the highest recognition available that demonstrates competence, experience, and honesty. A roster of every Certified Bankruptcy Specialist from the State Bar of California is available here.