Deciding on Bankruptcy. What to Consider if Deciding on Bankruptcy

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Are you having trouble deciding on bankruptcy?

Putting things into focus will be a big help.  You have to acknowledge a problem before you can fix it. This may help you see what haven’t  been willing to admit.

What you need to know.

Filing bankruptcy is not a punishment. Most people who need bankruptcy will gain immediate debt relief. The discharge of those old debts will last your entire lifetime. The old debts don’t come back. They are not allowed to hound you. No more threats. No intimidation. Gain a fresh start.

We will not recommend a bankruptcy case if the person doesn’t really need it. 

We have been handling bankruptcy cases for more than 30 years. We are a small 3 lawyer law practice. Bankruptcy is all that we handle. Each of us is a Certified Bankruptcy Specialist by the State Bar of California. We will give you a free 30 minute consultation. We are here to help you. But only if YOU want that help.

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Take this 5 question test. It may be an eye opener.
Having trouble deciding on bankruptcy? This test can help.
See how much trouble you’re really in.

If you need a car repair, would you have to use credit to pay for it?

deciding on bankruptcy“Yes” to this question means you have insufficient  cash reserves. You’ve got nothing to fall back on. You have no means to deal with a major expense on your own.  Credit use has become a necessity instead of a convenience. You can’t seem to get through life without going further into debt.


Has a bill collector called or written you within the past 60 days?

deciding on bankruptcyInability to meet your bills is a sure sign that you should be seeking a way out of debt. Debt collectors become relentless. Like a pack of sharks. They put enormous psychological pressure on a person. If that doesn’t work, they may sue and get a court judgment against you. After that, there can be asset seizures. Wage garnishment. Frozen bank accounts. Judgment liens on your home.


Have you been turned down for credit in the past 12 months?

Bankruptcy Lawyer FeesPeople in deep debt often get turned down for new credit. The shock of a turn down is often the first wake up call. Even when you are still paying all your bills on time, you can be turned down. Banks know when a person is over extended. Sometimes we need to hear it from a bank before we can see it for ourselves.


Do you fight with your spouse about about money?

deciding on bankruptcyMoney fights are responcibile for more divorces than any other cause. Being worried about money leads to fighting with your spouse over how it should be spent. Money worries cause anxiety, and tension in a relationship. We have saved many, many marraiges and relationships by helping people deciding on bankruptcy.


Have your credit cards been reducing your available credit?

deciding on bankruptcyYour banks are trying to tell you something. Listen to them. You already owe too much money. They expect you to default, and they don’t want you getting deeper into them.



We want to change the way you feel. We know that you want normalacy back in your life. You don’t want to have a panic attack every time the phone rings. We can make the bill collectors stop calling you. We want you to stop living in dread of a wage ganishment. We deal with all of that. We also deal with foreclosure, tax problems, and repossessions.

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