Foreclosure Book Goes Best Seller. Self Help Foreclosure Book.

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foreclosure bookThis foreclosure book has made No. 10 on Amazon’s bankruptcy and foreclosure book best seller list. People really can survive foreclosure. This book shows you how. The Foreclosure Survival Guide, by Stephen Elias AttorneyAmy Loftsgordon , and Leon Bayer.

Why this foreclosure book is so darn popular.

This foreclosure book is easy to read. The advice is simple to grasp. Written with an easy self help style. You don’t have to be a trained lawyer. Everyone can understand it. It’s written for people who are in serious danger of foreclosure.

Foreclosure is a gut wrenching experience. It is frightening. Foreclosure means being thrown out of your home. It is terrifying to your children. Your spouse and your entire family will suffer. This is more than a financial crisis. It is emotionally devistating. The emotional damage might last forever.

Foreclosure can be stopped or delayed. 

Do you need to stop a foreclosure? The answers are right inside this foreclosure book.

Foreclosure defense stratagies appear on almost every page. Find out when Chapter 13 bankruptcy makes more sense than walking away. Learn when you should walk away. See how you may be able to walk away with money in your pocket. It’s called, “cash for keys.” Find out how to get your share.

Loan Mods and Loan Mod Scams. Be a winner, not a Victim.

Find out what’s behind all the  loan modification hullabaloo. Find out about loan mod scams. See why you are a loan mod scam target. Learn how to avoid becomming a scam victim. Everything is fully explained. No hidden secrets. Quickly find what you may need.

Learn how a bankruptcy case may be what you need. Should you have a bankruptcy lawyer? How do you find a reliable bankruptcy lawyer? What will a lawyer cost? Find out how to get expert bankruptcy advice for free. The answers are all right inside.

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