Stop Bill Collectors

stop bill collectors

You can stop bill collectors. It’s easy, and I’ll share the secret with you.

I have been a Los Angeles Bankruptcy Lawyer for 37 years. There are time tested, proven techniques for dealing with rude, nasty bill collectors. Those guys can be scary, but you don’t have to put up with it. Turn the tables, know your legal rights, stop bill collectors, and make them scared of you.  

Stop bill collectors and debt fiends from tormenting youAre the Debt Fiends coming after you?

Are you afraid to answer your own phone? You can stop bill collectors.

Are the Debt Fiends coming after you for Pay Day Loans, House Payments, Credit Cards, Doctor Bills? A nasty phone call from a bill collector will ruin your whole day. It can leave you feeling devastated and powerless. Why do you put up with it? You don’t have to. You can stop bill collectors.

At the Los Angeles bankruptcy law firm of Bayer, Wishman & Leotta we can easily show you how to gain the upper hand.  We know how to stop these debt fiends from tormenting you. You can put them “on the defensive. ” To do that, you have to know your legal rights.

Our techniques work. You can stop bill collectors.

stop bill collectorsThe lawyer fee for a Los Angeles bankruptcy case starts as low as $775.00 + filing fee* with the Bankruptcy Law Firm of Bayer, Wishman & Leotta.


Our techniques really can turn the tables on these bottom feeders. Let us show you how. We’ll show you everything, whether you hire us, or not.

We think it’s fun to talk to bill collectors! Come and have a free consultation with us, and learn exactly how we do it. A Los Angeles Bankruptcy Lawyer will answer all your questions, show you specifically how to handle the bill collectors and the best way to resolve your debts.

Are you ready to get started? Call 800-477-3111.

Many bill collectors are absolutely craven. Some use dirty language, and make illegal threats.  They are out to intimidate you. Bill collectors are often breaking the law. If they scare you bad enough, they know you will pay up. If they have to break the law to scare you into paying, many bill collectors will cross the line and do it. Typical examples of illegal threats that our clients have recently received include saying they can have you arrested, threatening to tell your job and your neighbors, threatening to take away your car, your home, everything you own.

Let’s be very clear about your legal rights.

Under the law, bill collectors CAN NOT:

stop bill collectorsThreaten to have you arrested!

They can’t threaten to have you put you in  jail!

Bill collectors are breaking the law when they say that they will tell your job and your neighbors.

You actually have the legal right to sue them for making these and any other untrue lies and threats!

Are you ready to get started? Call 800-477-3111.

All consultations are handled personally by Jeff Wishman or by Leon Bayer.

stop bill collectors

“I have a Secret!  Now, you can have it, too!”

 Here is one special secret for you to use. The next time a bill collector calls, use a calm voice and say you are now recording the call, (even if you are not).

Don’t let them rattle you. Their job is to upset you, or so they think. Stay calm. The day’s of sending a thug to break your knee caps are long gone. Bill collectors may bark a lot, but they can’t bite.

What to do if they accuse you of criminal conduct—thievery, fraud, bad check writing.

Whether you have a payday loan or any other silly thing—just remind them they are being recorded and ask them if they want to say any other stupid things so that your lawyer can play it in court for a  judge!

When they think they are being recorded, they will back off. If you have a lawyer, tell the collector that you are getting ready to file Bankruptcy. Then say your lawyer is getting the papers ready. At that point, offer them your attorney’s name and phone number. Finally, you can say that your lawyer has told you not to pay them.

After you have shown a bill collector that you are the boss, (not them), it is time to solve your debt problem once and for all. The ultimate consumer protection to legitimately and legally make your insurmountable debts disappear may be with a bankruptcy case. There a several different types of consumer bankruptcy cases. A Los Angeles Bankruptcy Lawyer who is a Certified Bankruptcy Specialist by the State Bar of California is the best person to advise you on your legal rights. A bankruptcy specialist can show you all the options, and explain everything in detail to help you solve your debt problems.

You are welcome to call us for a completely free debt relief consultation. We will not recommend bankruptcy unless we feel that you need it. If you need a bankruptcy case, we will do our best to make the fees affordable. If you need to talk with a Los Angeles Bankruptcy Lawyer, you are welcome to call us toll free, at:  800-477-3111 

Synopsis: You can stop bill collectors. It’s easy, and I’ll share the secret with you.

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