Handle Collector Calls

Handle Collector Calls

Here’s what you should say to handle collector calls. A phone call from a bill collector will ruin your day. You can gain the upper hand when you are dealing with a bill collector, IF you know how. I’ll show you some techniques. In a few seconds, you will know  how to handle collector calls.

How To Handle Collector Calls.

Many people expect to file bankruptcy in the near future. But they are not yet ready to do it. So, they often ask me how to handle collector calls before they file. Here’s what I tell them:

Handle Collector CallsThe next time a bill collector calls, use a calm voice. Say you are now recording the call, (even if you are not). Say that you are getting ready to file Bankruptcy, (or that you already filed and say your case number). Say the name and phone number of your Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorney, and say that your lawyer has told you not to pay them.

Don’t let them rattle you. Their job is to upset you. Stay calm. The day’s of sending a thug to break your knee caps are long gone.

You Can Scare off the bill collectors.

Handle Collector CallsIf they accuse you of bad conduct—thievery, fraud, or any other silly thing—remind them you are recording the call. Next, ask them if they want to say any other stupid things so that your Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorney can play it in court for the judge! That should shut them up. It should also scare off the bill collector.

If the bill collector thinks they are being recorded, I doubt you will get hassled. If you are already consulting with a Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorney about filing a petition, these bill collectors may soon be a thing of the past.

“But Leon,” you say, “what if I’ve already filed my petition and the bill collectors are still bothering me?”

Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorney Tells How To Handle Collector Calls After You File

Unfortunately, many companies will continue to bill you even after the court sends your bankruptcy notices to creditors. For the most part, this happens because the creditors are inefficient. They are not trying to harass you. The information about your bankruptcy case simply has not yet been entered into their automated billing systems. Even so, it is annoying, and you probably want to make it stop.

Let’s assume the creditor is correctly listed in your bankruptcy case yet they continue to send you unwanted bills and collection letters. (If they aren’t correctly listed, you have other problems and you will need to tell your attorney about this creditor and any listing or address problems immediately.) But if they are properly listed, it will cost you about $0.03 cents to make a photocopy, and $0.44 for a postage stamp. Then do the following:

  • How To Handle Bill CollectorsTake one of the BK notices you got for your court hearing, and make some copies of it.
  • Use a bold making pen and write on the face of the bill, “See attached BK Notice!”
  • Staple a copy of the Bankruptcy notice to the bill.
  • Mail the bill and attached notice right back to them (preferably in their own return envelope if they provided one.)

The creditor will now have to leave you alone… forever.


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