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Los Angeles Bankruptcy Experts on the Radio
Two legal specialists weigh in on lawyer trouble and explain your legal rights as a client. The specialists are Leon Bayer, a Certified Bankruptcy Specialist.* And, Michael A. Colton, a Certified Legal Malpractice Defense Specialist*.
Lawyer Trouble
Host Chuck Finney, of “Your Legal Rights” on KALW 91.7 FM Radio


Got Lawyer Trouble? Then listen to this exciting program. Find out your legal rights. You can hear the show live. You can also listen later on to a recording. The programs airs live on KALW 91.7 FM Radio, San Francisco, California. November 26th, 7 PM to 8 PM. It’s “Your Legal Rights” hosted by Chuck Finney. The show is sponsored by the Board of Legal Specialization of the State Bar of California.  The program also streams live on the Internet at
Listen in. Find out how to deal with difficulties that arise between attorney and client.
Bankruptcy malpractice is a timely topic.  There have been a huge number of  lawyer complaints made to the State Bar against debt relief lawyers. Many of those

The legal specialists will explain your legal rights if you have trouble with your lawyer.
Legal specialist on the show will explain your legal rights when you have trouble with your lawyer.

complaints deal with loan modification scams. Also, debt settlement schemes, and sloppy bankruptcy work. Legal consumers see the tragic results all too frequently.


You think you’ve got lawyer trouble?

There is a bankruptcy lawyer in California who has 810 separate client complaints filed with the State Bar.

In one recent case, a lawyer with 810 different client complaints was disbarred. That’s good news! The lawyer admitted he took illegal fees for loan modification services from clients facing foreclosure. He also admits he failed to provide clients with fee accountings. He also aided in the unauthorized practice of law. That happened by allowing non-attorney employees to meet with clients. He also let non lawyers set fees and perform legal services without supervision.

Our  program will start off with a discussion of the hot button areas.  Those topics will include unearned fees; over billing;  failure to communicate with clients; abandoning clients; stealing client money; and trust fund violations. We’ll then throw the phones open to callers who are having lawyer trouble. Also, callers can ask the experts’ their opinion on any past grievance with a lawyer.

*Certified by the State Bar of California.