Los Angeles Bankruptcy Lawyer Tips for Real Estate Agents: “We have an Offer But My Seller Filed Bankruptcy”


Los Angeles Bankruptcy LawyerI’ve been a Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyer for 34 years. I have wisdom to share with real estate agents. For example, check out #AskLeon and the bankrupty advice I offer regularly at Nolo’s Bankruptcy, Debt & Foreclosure Blog. As an agent in Los Angeles, you should know some basics about bankruptcy. Bankruptcy cases and real estate sales overlap with surprising regularity. Especially in the universe of Los Angeles. Los Angeles is the bankruptcy capitol of the world. An active real estate agent will run into bankruptcy issues.

This is the first part of a series. Future installments will include what you can do when: Title is showing old  judgment liens and a bankruptcy; You have a listing that has gone into foreclosure; My clients lawyer won’t return my phone calls.

Los Angeles Bankruptcy Lawyer Tips for Real Estate Agents: “We have an Offer But My Seller Filed Bankruptcy.”

Los Angeles Bankruptcy LawyerHey. That’s great news. It’s certainly better than having a listing that won’t sell. The bankruptcy case does not mean your sale is dead. It just means there is more work ahead. You need to know which bankruptcy chapter was filed. Under chapter 11 and chapter 13 bankruptcies, the debtor usually retains the power to sell. However, a court order permitting the sale will probably be necessary. The debtor’s lawyer can handle that. Figure on it taking around one month. If everybody gets busy at the start of escrow, it should be no sweat getting the court order with plenty of time to spare.

If your client is in chapter 7 bankruptcy, there are different considerations. Most chapter 7 cases are “no asset” cases. A “no asset bankruptcy case” means that the debtor has nothing worth enough money to sell it for the creditors. In a chapter 7 no asset case, your client’s lawyer can request a court order permitting the sale. What happens when a chapter 7 is an “asset case”? That means the bankruptcy trustee feels money may be available to pay something to creditors. That rarely occurs. But it would take a whole book to cover the subject.  So, we will skip it for this article.

Suppose your client doesn’t have a lawyer? Not a problem. Your client should be able to find a lawyer to handle just this one task.

For Chapter 13 real estate sales proceedures, see:

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October 16, 2013


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Suppose you find out about the bankruptcy the same week you expected to close escrow.  that you handle, you need to know about a lot sooner than the week you expected to close escrow.