Scam Bill Collectors Are After You

Scam debt collector

I have a warning for you about scam bill collectors. Criminal gangs are posing as law enforcement officials. They are calling people and emailing phony threats to collect on fake debts that you do not owe. They pose as bill collectors. But they’re not. They’re thieves. During the past 2 weeks, I have heard from at least five former clients who got these calls. The description is always the same. The caller will identify himself as a government official. The caller will proceed to tell you that they have a warrant for your arrest for bank fraud. You will  be given an opportunity to pay an immediate cash settlement to avoid being arrested. These callers are thieves. They work out of telephone boiler rooms. Most are probably overseas, where they hide and avoid detection. The callers usually have a heavy foreign accent.

How Scam Bill Collectors Target You.

You are  targeted because you had a bankruptcy case within the past 5 years. The caller ties to convince you that they are for real. To prove it, they will tell you your name. Your address.  And the last four digits of your Social Security number. Your bankruptcy file is a public record.  From that, they got your name, address, and the last part of your Social Security number. They will say that the non payment of your credit card debts was bank fraud. They will say that bankruptcy does not protect you. They will also say that you were duped by your bankruptcy lawyer. That your lawyer should have told you that you have committed crimes.

Here’s What the Scam Bill Collectors Want.

The scam artists are after two things. First, they want money. If they can frighten you bad enough, you might pay them a settlement to make them go away. They always want money immediately. They won’t offer you any time to think it over. If you pay them, it will be done by electronic bank transfer, debit card, or credit card. After that, you will be on a “sucker list.” Having paid the extortion once, they will hit you again and again for more. The other thing they want is your identification. Even if you won’t pay money, you might reveal private financial information. Many people will divulge their full Social Security number, trying to prove to the caller that you are not the person they are after. If they can get your ID, they will use it to perpetrate an ID theft. They will open credit cards under your name, and steal the money.

How to Handle Scam Bill Collectors.

Handling scam bill collectors is easy. First, don’t get upset. They want to upset you. If they can get you upset, they have a good chance of getting ytou to do something stupid, like paying money you don’t even owe. A call from these crooks is no different than getting a random call from a “heavy breather.” A legitimate creditor does not use these tactics. Tell the caller you are not going to pay. If you are threatened with arrest, tell them fine, not a problem, and “Come get me.” If you can manage to laugh at them, do so. Remember, they are located 6000 miles away from you on the other side of the world.

What Else Should You Do?

Nothing, really. You can report it to law enforcement. But they won’t do anything. I wish we could send the Navy Seals to wipe out these goons. But that’s not gonna happen. Just stay cool, and keep your head. Don’t show any fear, and tell them you “Don’t care what they do.” Want to see a fake arrest warrant? Go here, to see a fake arrest warrant that was emailed to one of my clients from a scammer using the name “Ronnie Willson.”