The Truth About Bankruptcy (from someone who knows)

    It is simpler, faster, painless and it works.

    The truth about bankruptcy
    The Truth About Bankruptcy is not what most TV commentators will tell you. Their goal is to sell you books. When is the last time a book solved any problem for you?
    Don't take bankruptcy advice from TV Talkers  So here it is, the real truth about bankruptcy.

    The real truth about bankruptcy is that it is pretty darn easy to qualify. For most people it is going to be on about the same level of effort that is required to get your driver’s license renewed.

    Some TV talkers make their living by selling self help books and manuals. They don’t mind if you eventually file bankruptcy. But first they want to sell you some books. Telling you scary lies about bankruptcy will temporarily keep you taking the step you really need to take. That gives these TV gasbags more time to peddle you their books.

    Here is some nonsense that TV Talker’s say to sell you their books:

    Big Bad Lie. “Chapter 7 means the court sells all your assets—with some exemptions—so you can pay back as much debt as possible.” Almost all bankruptcy cases sail through the court system without the court touching anything.

    Big Bad Lie. “Bankruptcy takes a huge emotional toll on a person.” Bankruptcy is a huge relief for almost all people. Their debt worries are over. Any worries and pain was in the past because you were hounded by bill collectors over debts you couldn’t pay.

    The real truth about bankruptcy is that it is not at all “gut wrenching.” Most people walk out of bankruptcy court with a profound sense of deep relief that their debts are gone. The gut wrenching was when you were still letting yourself be tormented by bill collectors.

    What’s the best way to get help?

    See a lawyer. Most bankruptcy lawyers will give you a completely free consultation. You can get real honest to goodness legal advice from an expert. There are many lawyers who handle bankruptcy cases. Click the link and find out how to sort through them and find the right law to advise you.

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