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Your bankruptcy case will be heard in the Woodland Hills Bankruptcy Court if you live in the San Fernando Valley. Doesn’t it make sense to be represented by a lawyer with decades of experience in the Woodland Hills Bankruptcy Court?

Our lawyers have been practicing law in the Woodland Hills Bankruptcy Court of the San Fernando Valley ever since the day it opened. In fact, our San Fernando Valley bankruptcy law firm opened in 1989, years before there ever was a Woodland Hills Bankruptcy Court.

Woodland Hills Bankruptcy Court LawyerThe Partner in charge of our Woodland Hills Bankruptcy Court cases is Leon Bayer. Leon grew up in the San Fernando Valley.  Leon attended college and law school in the San Fernando Valley. He handled his first San Fernando Valley bankruptcy case in 1980.

Do you want to know anything about the history of the San Fernando Valley? Then ask Leon, he knows quite a bit about it.

Woodland Hills Bankruptcy Court Leon says, “The first Gold Rush in California took place just north of the San Fernando Valley. It happened in 1842, in the place now known as Lopez Canyon, between Sylmar and the Santa Clarita Valley. Miners recovered about 1300 pounds of gold there. The area is also called Placerita Canyon, derived from the Spanish word for gold nuggets. The value of the 1842 gold strike in today’s dollars is about $25,000,000. Not bad pay for picking shiny rocks out of a stream bed?”

Did you know there is gold in filing bankruptcy? Filing for bankruptcy may eliminate your debts without the need of ever paying them back. Also, the debts you discharge in bankruptcy are tax free. Bankruptcy can also give you time to catch up on debts you want to keep. You can read more about the workings of bankruptcy in our free book on line, the Best Bankruptcy Book. The book was written by Leon Bayer and Jeffrey Wishman.

Some of Leon’s other qualifications include:

Leon D. Bayer

Encino, California bankruptcy attorney, practicing since 1979.

Represents individuals and small businesses in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Coauthor of Nolo’s The New Bankruptcy: Will It Work for You?

Authors “Ask Leon” on Nolo’s Bankruptcy blog

State Bar of California yearly commendations for volunteering.

President of the Los Angeles Bankruptcy Forum (1995-1996), member of the State Bar Commission on Bankruptcy Law (1996-2000), and exam grader and question writer for the State Bar Legal Specialization test on Bankruptcy.  

Frequent lecturer including L.A. County Bar Bridging the Gap; State Bar of California Annual Meetings, and many other educational programs.

TV commentator on celebrity bankruptcies. Frequent guest on KALW-FM syndicated Public Radio’s Your Legal Rights.

Do you need bankruptcy advice? Then why not put experience and knowledge on your side? The laws and procedures are complex. You can trip up if you have not been prepared correctly. Your best chance of success is with Woodland Hills Bankruptcy lawyers who are Certified Bankruptcy Specialists by the State Bar of California. The preparation of a bankruptcy starts with preparing you for your case. We prepare each client with the knowledge that you need to get through it. And of course we can be with you. Step by step.

The first question most people ask is, “How much will a Woodland Hills Bankruptcy Court case cost?” The answer depends on your case. Please be patient. Let us ask you some questions. We need to learn about your case. We know what is important for a successful case. Once we have evaluated the case we will quote a fee. The consultation is free. The woodland Hills bankruptcy court advice you gain from us is free. There is no obligation to us.

Whether you hire us or not, you will be prepared.

Bankruptcy Law Provides Freedom and Relief From Financial Troubles.

Nobody wants to file bankruptcy. We know that. But thank goodness the bankruptcy remedy exists. Bankruptcy is a lawful, constitutional privilege. It may free you from your web of debts. There is nothing wrong with being debt free. It’s a nice feeling. Let’s get started, OK?


We want to meet you. The sooner the better. Let us be the lawyers to represent you in the Woodland Hills Bankruptcy Court.

Woodland Hills BankruptcyTalking to a lawyer can feel intimidating and understand that. At our office we work very hard to remove the “edge.” We want you to feel comfortable talking to us. Our law practice is all about helping you. We have represented over 15,000 people.

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