BankruptcyBlogger is on the Radio!

BankruptcyBlogger is on the Radio
BankruptcyBlogger is on the Radio
Legal specialist on the show will explain your legal rights when you have trouble with your lawyer.

If you follow this Blog or our Newsletter, then you know me as the Bankruptcy Blogger–the expert who shares bankruptcy news and information with folks who need it. I work hard at being your reliable source for practical advice on debt relief issues here and also in our Human Guide to Bankruptcy at And now, at least for one evening, you can hear me on the radio.

I will be interviewed live on Public Radio station KALW, San Francisco, Wednesday, January 4, 2012 from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM on the widely acclaimed legal affairs program, “Your Legal Rights.” The radio program is sponsored by the State Bar of California, and hosted by Chuck Finney. The show can be heard live on the Internet, at At the same web site, you can also listen to recordings of this show. Just search the show archives for “Leon Bayer” and you will find all of my radio guest appearances.

I hope you’ll tune in. In the meantime, the Bankruptcy Blogger and everyone at Bayer, Wishman & Leotta sends you our best wishes for a prosperous and happy 2012.

Bayer, Wishman & Leotta is a full service bankruptcy firm. We have offices in Downtown Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley and Long Beach, California. Our attorneys are Certified Specialists in consumer and small business bankruptcy and you may reach us at (800) 477-3111. Check us out on Also, for lots of valuable bankruptcy information, look for us at, our Human Guide to Bankruptcy.

Even if you missed the show, you can still call and ask a Los Angeles Bankruptcy expert your questions. Call Leon Bayer at 800-477-3111. Just tell me you missed the show but you have a bankruptcy question that you want to ask. I’ll be happy to take the time, hear you pout, and give you the bankruptcy answers that you need to know. I do not recommend bankruptcy unless you need it. I am not going to sell you anything. This is all about honest bankruptcy advice for folks in trouble. so call me, OK?