Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorney Warns Bad Advice Comes From Friends and Family


Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorney Warns,  Bad Advice Comes From Friends and Family. Lots of misinformation about bankruptcy comes from well-meaning friends and family. At Bayer, Wishman & Leotta we talk to folks all the time in the Los Angeles area that have received or acted on bad advice and created serious problems for themselves before they even talk to a bankruptcy lawyer.

Here are some examples of bad advice that will get folks into trouble before they understand their rights under the bankruptcy laws (please don’t do these things):

  • That you should remove your name from title to or ownership of assets;
  • That you should send your creditors “cease and desist letters;”
  • That you should pay each creditor one dollar per month and that means they have to leave you alone;
  • That you should run up all of your remaining credit before you file bankruptcy.

These are big mistakes that may complicate or possibly ruin your chances for bankruptcy relief. If you want to learn why, call us or see our Bankruptcy Guide for Humans. You may also want to learn more about Urban Myths in bankruptcy here. Whatever you do, if you need some form of debt relief, don’t rely on advice from friends and family. Start by meeting with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer.

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