Free Bankruptcy has Drawbacks

If You Need to File Bankruptcy

Free bankruptcy has drawbacks. Legal Aid does what it can to help people. But don’t expect to get a free lawyer. It rarely happens. Legal aid is too overwhelmed to do that. Instead, they provide group classes. The class explains how the bankruptcy forms are supposed to be filled out. They provide general information about bankruptcy. They offer encouragement. But they rarely provide you with a lawyer.

This is why a free bankruptcy has drawbacks.

Free Bankruptcy has DrawbacksFor most people, a free bankruptcy will mean you are completely on your own without a lawyer to handle your case. But that is dangerous. You may lose important legal rights without a bankruptcy lawyer. SEE WHAT THE BANKRUPTCY SUCCESS RATE IS FOR CASES FILED WITHOUT A LAWYER. A very high percentage of pro se bankruptcy filers drop out. It is a shame, because they file the case, pay the filing fee, but just can’t get the job finished.

 Free Bankruptcy has Drawbacks. But if you are determined to have a free bankruptcy in Los Angeles, (self representation), here are some “self help” links:

Los Angeles, California Bankruptcy Legal Aid & Pro Bono Services

Filing on your own leaves you prone to making mistakes. Bankruptcy mistakes are often very costly. Loss of your home, assets, and even your bankruptcy discharge may be the consequences. There are very serious mistakes people commonly make when they don’t have an experienced bankruptcy lawyer.

Here’s a compromise solution to the FREE BANKRUPTCY dilemma.

Free Bankruptcy has DrawbacksFREE CONSULTATION AND BANKRUPTCY CASE REVIEW.  CALL 800-477-3111

  • See us BEFORE you do anything.
  • One of our expert bankruptcy lawyers will review your case.
  • Your free case review will be in depth.
  • We will not recommend bankruptcy unless you need it.
  • Give us a chance at handling your case.
  • Our fees are very low for people who deserve a break.


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