San Bernardino Bankruptcy Attorneys


Are you looking for San Bernardino Bankruptcy Attorneys?  

There are many different San Bernardino  Bankruptcy Attorneys. Choosing the right lawyer can be confusing. One of the biggest mistakes people make  is hiring a lawyer who is inexperienced. The AVVO web site is a very good resource to help you find the best lawyers. Go to and search the name of any particular lawyer that you might be considering for a bankruptcy case. We have other suggestions to help you find San Bernardino Bankruptcy Attorneys.  

Here are some things you can do check out and then hire the right San Bernardino Bankruptcy Attorneys: A

  • Do a Google search on the name of any San Bernardino Bankruptcy Attorneys that you are considering and see what pops up.
  • In your search and interview process, ask or consider if the lawyer is a recognized expert in the bankruptcy field?
  • Does the news media seek out the opinions of this lawyer?
  • Check a lawyer’s record on an objective website like;
  • Ask how long the lawyer has been practicing bankruptcy law specifically.
  • Does the lawyer also handle other types of cases? If so, the lawyer may not have the degree of focus to guide you through the bankruptcy process correctly.

Quality San Bernardino Bankruptcy Attorneys may be hard to find. We hope you will consider making the drive to Los Angeles. Our experience, knowledge and expertise over the past 33 years should be what you are looking for. The bankruptcy lawyer for your case should be a lawyer who devotes their entire practice to bankruptcy, and never handles anything else. You do not want to trust your finances with an inexperienced or part time bankruptcy lawyer. Here is what to look for before you retain any San Bernardino bankruptcy attorneys.

  • If the lawyer is not a “certified specialist” (by the California State Bar) any claims of “expertise” should be ignored.
  • Lawyers with the lowest fees will generally have the lowest level of skill and may treat their clients with disregard if not downright contempt. In fact, the client might never even meet the lawyer. In some cases it’s typical for the client to have no important communications with an actual lawyer—and instead the client only interacts with office “staff.” This should not happen to you.

Why doesn’t Bayer, Wishman & Leotta actually have an office in San Bernardino? There simply are not enough experienced bankruptcy specialists available to staff a branch office in every city. Even if there were, the cost would be enormous, and the cost of staffing offices all over the place has to be passed on to the clients. However, we do handle San Bernardino, California bankruptcy cases. We handle lots of them. Clients from San Bernardino, California come to us all the time because they can’t find local representation by San Bernardino Bankruptcy Attorneys with same experience, proven expertise and reputation that we have.