Student Loan Collection Help and Survival Strategy

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    Student Loan Collection Help and Survival Strategy.

    Student Loan Collection

    Student loan collection has become one of the biggest issue affecting consumers. We offer some survival strategies to help you cope with an impossible situation.

    Student loan collection techniques. Seizure of your tax refunds. Garnishment of  your wages

    Seizure of your tax refunds. Oh, that sounds scary. Don’t worry. It’s easily fixed. The solution? Don’t have tax refunds. Then, there is nothing to seize.

    Adjust your tax withholding to the proper amount that you actually need to cover the taxes you will owe. You will bring home more money. There will be no excess, and no refund. The money will be in your pocket, not theirs. The IRS has a Web page and a calculator to help you figure it out. To use the IRS calculator, CLICK HERE.

    Wage garnishment. A wage garnishment is a legal step to make you pay a debt. It allows a creditor to take part of your pay check. Your employer is under a legal duty to deduct the garnishment amount and pay it to the creditor. Most student loan garnishments take 7.5% of your pay. The amount is is based on your net pay after normal tax deductions.

    Garnishment example.

    Let’s look at a typical case. Suppose your monthly take home pay is $2000, and your monthly loan payment is supposed to be $800. If you live on your own, there is probably no way you can afford that. You probably tried to get a livable payment. You offered them $400 a month. They said NO. The bill collector was nasty. They demand that you pay the $800 or else they will garnish your wages. You are worried to death. Don’t be. Here’s why.

    A wage garnishment can be a great deal in your favor. A 7.5% wage garnishment takes only $150 per month from a take home of $2000. That is more affordable than the $800 payment. Will your job care? Probably not. Besides, California law says your employer can’t fire you over one wage garnishment. The creditor has shot themselves in the foot. You offered to pay $400. They demanded $800. So they put a garnishment on you and they wind up with only $150. You have come out of this pretty well.

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    Here is a great video interview of Jeffrey Wishman, conducted by TV reporter Alan Mendelson. Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorneys, Jeffrey Wishman Interview.

    Synopsis: Student Loan Collection Help and Survival Strategy.

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