Los Angeles Bankruptcy Court Can Reopen Case to Remove Liens


Los Angeles Bankruptcy CourtLos Angeles Bankruptcy court cases may be reopened. For example, if you need to remove property liens. People filing bankrupty often have judgment liens. These affect your property. Judgment liens usually attach after you have been sued. A good option is to seek removal during your Los Angeles Bankruptcy court case. Sometimes the liens get overlooked. You might not know about a lien. But you discover it later. Or, you expect to lose the property anyway. If so, you probably didn’t bother to remove the lien.

“Surprise liens” can kill a refinance. They also screw up your sale. They can  to be tough to deal with. Going back into the old Los Angeles Bankruptcy court case may be an option. We are experienced handling these problems.

Surprise Liens? Los Angeles Bankruptcy Court. Reopening Your Old Case.

Los Angeles Bankruptcy CourtWe’ve seen situations where creditors filed liens on property after bankruptcy. Sometimes a lien was discharged in a  Los Angeles Bankruptcy court case before you owned the property. These liens interfere with escrow. It may not always be necessary to re-open a closed case. An experienced bankruptcy lawyer could make the difference. We often get that refinance or sale closed without reopening your old Los Angeles Bankruptcy court case.

What We Need To See.


We will give you a free evaluation. Here’s what we want to see. We need your title report. Also, your old Los Angeles Bankruptcy Court papers. We can evaluate your chance for relief. We will discuss any other options we see. We will quote a flat fee for any suggested work.

You have this problem? Give us a call. This isn’t the first time I’ve written on this topic. It probably won’t be the last. Real estate problems and bankruptcy cases often overlap.

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